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Great Upcoming EVents

Event Announcements

Online Bible Correspondence through Email

San Tan International School of Ministry (STISM) online through email Correspondence. We are currently accepting students for the next one year term. The deadline for enrollment in STISM. Contact us by using the Power for Life Ministry email at the bottom of the screen to join at any time of the year and/or term.

Upcoming events

 Christian Fall Festival 

Each Sunday morning through Praise and Worship in the San Tan Community Church at 10:00 am.

Children of Zion Christian Singing.

Come and Celebrate with the youth of the San Tan Community Church, the Children of Zion will worship and praise God. Contact Pastor Robert Brown to known which date of each month for the children of Zion Worship service.

Children Singing in a Choir
Bible Lessons

Weekly Prayer Meetings
Come every Tuesday at 6:30pm at the church

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