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Under a non-profit, religious organization, we uphold and possess the right and authority to confer Christian, college degrees to any/all students who study all required courses within our Church's Bible college program in accordance to the state of Arizona's Status:
ARS 32-3022, Section E. 

We are out of the state of Arizona, United States. We offer to every website visitor the opportunity to Study and learn the Word of God through our Bible College to earn a degree in theology according to the will of God in your ministry. Pastor, prophet, and president of the San Tan International School of Ministry has a few Bible study, Christian Online Program to do weekly and monthly in-depth study of the Holy Bible to earn a Degree. We are fully accredited through Transworld Accreditation. Earn your Bible Degree now within 24 months.

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Experiencing the Supernatural

Associate of Arts Degree Curriculum Program

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Introduction Letter and Article of Faith
Lesson 1

Lesson 2


Lesson 3


Lesson 4


The STISM Bible study is now in open enrollment for all who hungers for God's Word.


This is an Email Corresponding Bible study, where students receive one lesson to study every month. 

Upon completion of half and all of the STISM Bible student, the student will obtain a Diploma of Theology and completion achievement.
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To Enroll into STISM's Associate of Arts in Theology, fill out and submit Your information & email  below with a short message of why you are interested in the STISM Program, and we will contact you afterwards.

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