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Presenting Pastors and Elders of the church, from left to right: Pastor Robert Brown, Dr. Harold Tagger, and Pastor Rev. John Davis. The elders Dr. Harold Tagger and Rev. John Davis, next to Pastor Brown, are the founders of Open Bible Fellowship Organization. It is the same organization that gave pastor his Ordinance.


Pastor Robert Brown had studied to obtain his Certificate to be a Chaplain. 


Pastor Robert Brown and his wife Sharlotte Brown originated from Coolidge, Arizona, and Live in La Palma, Coolidge, Arizona. They have been married 44 years and have been in the minister from 25 years preaching and singing about the gospel of Jesus Christ. Robert brown had been a pastor for 21 years in Coolidge, Free Gospel of Life Church, and has already pastor 4 years at San Tan Community Church, Queen Creek, Arizona. Altogether, God has been moving in the Heart of Pastor Robert and Sharlotte Brown to continue with pastoring, outreach ministry, and international School of Ministry.

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